3 different breed cats living together

Our fur story started with Sidney the British Shorthair, right after our unforgettable vacation in gorgeous villa on Thailand’s island Koh Samui.

He was our first cat in our first home together. I am the cat lady, and unfortunately Sidney decided that his slave was in fact, Dad, not me!

So a few months later little Aggie the Oriental arrived.

She’s the ugliest little bug, but I love her endlessly. AND she’s a Humum’s girl!

Lastly, Hubert the Maine Coon came flolloping into our lives as a “friend” for Aggie (as Sid isn’t a cuddler!) – unfortunately, Aggie only has eyes for me!

So poor Huey gets swift slaps round the chops on the regular even though he’s twice the size and twice the weight of Aggie!


What do you think?


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