Angel, the most stylish bengal cat

Say MEOW to all catlovers and tell us some details about you and your cat?

I’m Angel Bengal, a girly girl and lover of life. I’m a big fan of all things “Lifestyle, Food, Beauty, Fashion and Travel” related. Besides being a Bengal Cat I’m a mini-human girl with a big personality. 🙂 My Social Media made with a hint of smile, a pinch of humour and a scoop of inspiration.

I chose to post about the things I like, the things I feel passionate about and share my love with you.

Can you describe the first moment when you meet Angel?

It was love from the very second, my heart melted.

Any interesting fact or story about Angel…

She’s known as mini human girl because she copies me in everything and follows my every step so basically she does all girly things.

Do you think Angel is famous on Instagram?

I would say she has many friends, I don’t think 100k is considered famous nowadays.

How difficult is it when it comes to take pics for Instagram?

It’s very easy . Angel is a Bengal cat who is up to anything as long as she gets attention, I always post backstage where she’s helping me setting up for the videos and pics. She knows she’s a star lol. If there’s a day when we don’t make vids she gets really bored.

Which is your favorite Angel’s pic?

I have a favorite video of her in the bathtub with wine, she even copied my facial expression there 😂

If you were the interviewer, what would you ask yourself?

Hmm good question, probably I’d ask if I can meet Angel one day?

What are some of your favorite cats on Instagram?

I have many favorite kitties. Angel has her squad from the very beginning of her Instagram, they are the same age and she is growing up with them: boyfriends @bklynbengal , bestie @zoey_thebengal and her bro Jax, and friends @patrickcatson and @safarithebengal I can say that we became good friends with their mommies and we chat a lot.

Which cat would you like to be interviewed next?


What would you ask her?

How did you meet your mom?

What do you think?


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