Felipo, one of our favorite siamese cat

Felippo is one of our favorite siamese cat on Instagram. He is known for knocking down stuffs. 
Felipo comes as a next interviewed cat for our blog, so enjoy learning more about him!



Say MEOW to all catlovers and tell us some details about you and your cat?
Hi furriends, I’m Felippo the italian guy. I’m so skilled on: Knocking stuff down the furniture, my humans give up and they accepted this great talent. I’m very talkative, me and meowmy have long chats everyday about so many things. I talk when I see the snow, when I want to play (at midnight when meowmy is sleepy), when I see birdies, fly, etc.. when I want cuddles, and obviously, when I’m hungry.



Can you describe the first moment when you meet Felippo?
About four years ago, I saw his deep blue eyes and I fell in love, it has been love in a second for each other. He came and played with me immediately.



Any interesting fact or story about Felippo…
He is very smart, we really talk and he understand perfectly some italian words: Pappe (Food), Mosca (Fly), Vieni qui (Come over here), Uccellino (Birdie), Nanne (time to sleep). I’m in love with his personality, he is very  smart.
His talent (knocking down sfuff), sometimes, is hard to manage, but I got used, in my house there aren’t ornaments…. He knocked down my tea some months ago, it was impossible to film it… it would been nice!! ahaha XD



Do you think your cat are famous on Instagram?
I’m so thankfull he has 57K wonderful friends and I love them all, I don’t think he is famous, we have to grow still a lot.



How difficult is it when it comes to take pics for Instagram?
It’s very easy, he is a real actor/meowdel. Each picture is a wonderful gift, sadly I don’t have a professional camera (I take photos with my phone), his eyes are blue and purple on the borders, sadly my phone can’t well capture this shadow. Anyway, I think that what he does and his expressions worth more than a static professional photo, I hope our furriends appreciate this point of view and genuine pictures. We are a team: he puts his talents and I put my creativity!



Which is your favorite pic/video of your cat?
oh, I love the videos where he talks because there is a reason for every chat. He never talks for nothing, there is always a reason why.



If you were the interviewer, what would you ask yourself?
Would you love to have a felippo’s fursis?
and the reply is: Yes, I hope to have anoter cat this year.



What are some of your favorite cats on Instagram?
This is too hard, I can’t choose only some of my friends…



Which cat would you like to be interviewed next?




What would you ask her?

Which of her cats is most excited to see Rascal the raven when he sits in front of the window.

Thank you for the interview.
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