February 10, 2018
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February 13, 2018


Princess is 5 years old and has a brother named Oreo.
Princess runs our home (or at least it feels that way). She has strong cuddling preferences, she needs to be on my neck and shoulder (which you can imagine is not the most comfortable position).

When I try to position her more comfortably she gets angry and will continue to push herself where she pleases.

If I do not let her, she begins to sneak around the room and slowly knock things over to show me that she is mad. She will continue to do this until I give her what she wants.

Sometimes she hides under so I can’t get her out and then comes out and misbehaves when I get comfortable. I believe it’s a game for her. It may be a little annoying but I loved her so much and appreciate her smart nature. I believe she’s a cutie for the world to see.