@ladylolathecat and her life in a ship

Lola is a sweet cat from Netherlands. She and her brother Olan live in a big ship. Sometimes, they need to take care of their little humans Dylan and Nikaya… and vice-versa.

Below are the answers of Lola on our short but sweet interview.


Say MEOW to all catlovers and tell us some details about you and your cat?

Hi sweet furriends…
Nina and Lola are birmancats (mommy and daugther), and Olan is our big boy Olan.

Can you describe the first moment when you meet Lola?

Well, Lola was born with a C section.
Nina was pregnant of 2 beautiful girls but one of them didnt survived.
So the moment we saw Lola was very special because in that moment we didn’t know if Nina or Lola would survive the birth.

Any interesting fact or story about your cats…

Well we live on a innland ship.
I am a captain and Nina , Lola and Olan always sail with me.

Do you think your cats are famous on Instagram?

I have no idea, we went viral sometimes with jumping Olan or our glastable pictures.
But famous i really don’t know…

How difficult is it when it comes to take pics for Instagram?

Well, Nina is very hard she always closes her eyes, Lola is such an easy meowdel. She poses even when she sleeps. ❤️
Olan is our video hero. So mostly you will see him in our videos.

Which is your favorite pic/video of your cat(s)?

I love the glastable pictures a lot, but i like all pictures and video’s of them because every picturd have their own story

If you were the interviewer, what would you ask yourself?

Are you open for meet and greets??

And my anwer would be YES!
I want to share our lovely fluffy furriends with everybody to make wverybody smile.

What are some of your favorite cats on Instagram?

My best friends from the start are:

Which cat would you like to be interviewed next?

I love all kitties on ig so i can’t answer that

What would you ask her/him?

Let it be @cutecatskittens choice:))



@ladylolathecat actualy has 167k followers on Instagram and is following 326 other cuties.

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