Moji, the Sottish Fold girl with odd eyes

Moji is nominated by Angel the bengal cat as a next interviewed cat on Cute Cats Kittens. She comes with her innocent answers, so we invite you to hear the story about this beautiful scottish fold girl!

Say MEOW to all catlovers and tell some details about you and your cat?

MeowMeow everypawdy! My name is Moji and I’m a white Scottish Fold cat with odd eyes 💙💛. I have the feline form of complete heterochromia. This condition is determined by the production, delivery and concentration of melanin (which is a pigment). The condition most commonly affects white-colored cats but may be found in a cat of any color if the cat possesses the white spotting gene.

Can you describe the first moment when you meet Moji?

The first time we met Moji was unreal. She was 5 months old and I couldn’t believe her beauty.

Any interesting fact or story about Moji…

Moji likes to stand like a meerkat and likes to play fetch with her fav mousey named Billy!

Less fun fact about Moji is that she has allergies. We talk about it on our Instagram account because we like to spread awareness and to help those who have questions about allergies.

Do you think Moji is famous on Instagram?

No, but she is loved by many and we like to have conversations with everyone.

How difficult is it when it comes to take pics for Instagram?

It’s not that difficult during the summer months but in the winter months Amsterdam can get very grey and cloudy. Moji is a naturel meowdel.

Which is your favorite Moji’s pic?

My favorite photo of Moji is the photo where I hold her which hasn’t been shared on Instagram yet because I want the account to be strictly about her. I might share it in the near future. 😊

If you were the interviewer, what would you ask yourself?

If Moji is going to be at any Cat events?

What are some of your favorite cats on Instagram?

We have many favorite cat furiends on Instagram. But the accounts that stand out because of the content and the lovely people behind the accounts, are:

@basilfold @aaronandbeccy @luka_and_kenya @angelbengal

Which cat would you like to be interviewed next?


What would you ask them?

Is it difficult to photograph all three cats in snow?



What do you think?


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